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Think Time

2020 Dream Book

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You have important ideas and goals, but the years are slipping through your fingers! It's frustrating to keep putting off what you know could make a huge difference in your life. 

That is why I created the Think Time Dream Book.   

The Think Time Dream Book helps you create a clear vision for your year that moves you to action so you can gain traction.

This enhanced Dream Book is available only twice a year and this one is even better than the last one!

This 31 page e-book includes:

  • reflective thinking exercises to help you get in touch with where you are
  • creative thinking exercises to help you expand on your ideas
  • dream-coaching exercises to help you dream bigger
  • strategic planning exercises to help you protect your priorities
  • extra space so you can customize your experience expand
  • 2020 yearly dated calendar and grids for your plans

Why choose Think Time?  Think Time is the only visioneering program that combines whole brain strategies so you can boost your fOxus and motivation.  

Other programs only use words, lines, and boxes to somehow contain your busy life but they do nothing to help you gain clarity on what needs to stay and what needs to go.  You risk losing touch with what you really want and going effectively in the wrong direction.


Don't let another year slip by while your ideas and goals are on hold.

Get this 2020 Dream Book now so you can turn your dreams into reality this year so you can get results.


The 2020 Dream Book is created by Christine Wilson, Licensed Professional Counselor & co-founder of Think Time

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