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Discover Your Purpose in 5 Minutes Course
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Discover Your Purpose in 5 Minutes Course

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If are struggling to know if you are living your unique purpose freely and confidently, here is a 5-part mini-course that will help you quickly discover your purpose so you can be sure you are getting the right things done.


Whatever uncertainties this season of life is holding for you, one thing is for sure: you can't overlook the basics of living your unique purpose.

And that's why I am pleased to announce our latest on-demand productivity course inside Think Time University.

It's called Discover Your Purpose in 5 Minutes. You'll learn the essential components of discovering and confidently living your purpose--and how to discover it step by step.

You may be wondering...

Why make a course on living your purpose? This might seem like a minor or even non-existent part of boosting your productivity. But it shouldn't be.

  • If life has slowed down and you still haven't gotten around to doing those things you thought you would do when you had "more time"...
  • If you wonder if there is something you could actually do to make a difference in this crazy world and are ready to take action...
  • If you want to feel the confidence you are getting the right things done...
  • If you want to align your daily decisions with your spiritual calling...

Then Discover Your Purpose in 5 Minutes is the course you have been looking for--and you probably didn't even know you needed it!

Discovering your purpose is the secret to boosting your life satisfaction--and getting better results whatever you do.

The practical insights you need to improve your life and your results don't have to cost a fortune in counseling, coaching, and consulting fees.

Join the other parents, entrepreneurs, and business owners who use Think Time as their go-to first step in bringing their dreams to life.

Get access to this course now! 

Cheering you on!

Chrisitne Wilson, LPC

Co-Founder of Think Time and Think Time U

p.s. When you join this course today, you'll get immediate access to our BONUS PDF 5 Things Your Planning Must Include. This PDF gives you five tips that will help you boost your results -- whatever you discover you want to do with your life.

The $49 pricing is only available for a limited time. Price goes up to $99 on Friday at 5pm CST.

Join today, get access to your free PDF, and never wonder if you are doing the right things again.

 (You can purchase the course on this site, and I can manually add you to this course, but the fastest way to start it to sign up here on my course page:

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