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Think Time Team White Board Wall
Think Time

Think Time Team White Board Wall

Regular price $ 999.00

Boost your organization's collaborative innovation and productivity with Think Time's White Board Walls.

Each standard wall is 8' x 8' made of two 4' x 8' panels that will affix to a wall in your current space.

-Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

-Installation is the responsibility of the purchaser.

-Shipping is calculated and invoiced separately.  We will contact you with a shipping estimate once it has been calculated.  We will process your order only after your approval of shipping costs.


Would you like a Custom White Board for your Team?

Custom Think Time White Boards are now available.  Would you like your team to move through the 3DR Process AND consistently brainstorm how they can better embody the values of your organization?  If so, a Custom Think Time White Board may be a fit for your team.  To receive an estimate, please e-mail us at customerservice@think-time.com.

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