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Think Time

2023 Yearly Think Time Planner Program - Digital Download

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Feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start when it comes to getting more productive?
We've got the solution for you – the Think Time Productivity Program. Think Time is designed to help you get your best results by using your whole brain while you plan. Research shows that when you draw images of your dreams and keep these goals in front of you, you increase your chances of achieving them by 42%.*

The Think Time Productivity Program filters top tier productivity practices through neuroscience-based techniques so you can achieve your best results in our distracting world. And, the planner guides you through the process.
With this program, you'll get a complete makeover for your productivity. Even if you have "always been" disorganized, unproductive, and distractible, you'll learn how to use more of your brain to focus better, stay on track, and achieve your goals. 

So what are you waiting for? Start today!
*Think Time does not guarantee the achievement of any specific dreams or goals. Every brain is different. Results will vary. 


What are people saying?

"When I started visualizing with my Think Time planner, my coaching business took off."

- Nicole, Executive Functioning Coach, ADHD entrepreneur

"Think Time is a game changer for me.The price is very small compared to the return on the investment I get out of it." 

- Andy, veteran with PTSD, ADHD, TBI

"When I feel overwhelmed, I pick up my Think Time, move through the exercises, and I feel calm. Christine, you make it so easy for us."

- Heather, creative entrepreneur

How Does it Work?

  1. Buy the planner.
  2. Watch the training video.
  3. Set aside uninterrupted time with your Think Time Planner to help you use whole brain thinking so you can dream big, find more time, and achieve your goals.

+When you are ready to boost your results, join our coaching membership.

Product Specifications:

    • 8.5" x 11" dimensions
    • A PDF Download Planner that includes 1 yearly, 4 quarterly, 3 monthly, and 53 weekly dream-planning templates
    • Includes complementary Mission Statement & Core Values Download, goal-trackers, routine worksheets, free space, and more.
    • Print or use on your device.

Mindfully made in the USA.  Available worldwide.

*Think Time is more than a planner and is priced more than a planner as a result. To learn more about the "why" behind our pricing, or to fill out a request for consideration for special pricing, click here.

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