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Think Time

90 Day Undated Planner

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Productivity Made Easy

You've tried a million planners but none of them work for your creative mind. Think Time is for the ADHD Entrepreneur or Creative Leader who wants a holistic process for high performance, and is tired of planners that don't work for your ADHD brain.

The FIRST Whole Brain Planner, Think Time is a complementary natural treatment in your overall ADHD strategy to boost your focus and productivity. 

 Don't waste another day with a planner that isn't made with your creative ADHD brain in mind. Buy Think Time Planner to help you make productivity easy so you can feel the confidence you have what it takes to get the right things done.

"When I started visualizing with my Think Time planner, my coaching business took off. I stopped hoping for clients, and I started booking appointments." - Nicole

"I can finally SEE what I need to get done." - Andy

"Christine, you make it so easy for us." - Heather

How Does it Work?

  1. Buy the planner.
  2. Watch the tutorials.
  3. Set aside uninterrupted time with your Think Time Planner to help you live on purpose, fight distractions, and get results so you can bring your dreams to life. 

Product Specifications:

    • 8.5" x 11" dimensions
    • A 90 Day Planner that includes 1 quarterly, 3 monthly, and 13 weekly dream-planning templates
    • Includes complementary Mission Statement & Core Values Download, goal-trackers, routine worksheets, free space, and more.
    • Design minimizes use of plastics. 
    • Spiral binding. 

Mindfully made in the USA.  Ships worldwide.

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