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Think Time

Think Time Undated 90 Day Planner

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You have an idea and a goal you want to achieve, but finding the time to sit down and create a plan seems impossible.  It's frustrating to keep putting off what you know could make a huge difference in your life. 

We know your goals are important and it should be easy to create a plan and get results. 

That's why we created a easy to use Think-Time planner that helps you create a step by step plan so you can map out your ideas and goal, create actionable steps, and gets results. 


“Hello Christine!  I received your planner again today and am SO excited!!! Since starting a family business, Think Time Planner has been giving me tools to use my time better, without compromising my priorities of time with family. It has given me the space to visualize and dream. It has also helped me evaluate more and think about the areas that need pruning. I am cheering you on!!”  —Kelly


Stop wasting time dreaming about your idea and wondering when or if it will ever happen.  Transform those thoughts into actionable steps with the Think-Time Planner so you can stop dreaming and start taking action so your ideas and goals happen!  

 “I love everything about it!!! The look, the texture, the size... you did great!!!”  - Stephanie


The Undated 90 Day Planner includes

  • self-paced coaching examples and instruction
  • guided thinking exercises that will help you achieve your ideas and goals including the following 
    • 1 quarterly 
    • 3 monthlies
    • 13 weeklies
    • 13 blank pages between each weekly so you can customize your experience
    • extra thinking tools so you can expand on your ideas, develop your ideal routines, and evaluate your decisions.
    • even more notes and free space pages

The 90 Day undated planner is spiral bound with an eco-friendly non-plastic cover.  The size is 8 1/2" x 11" so you can have even more space to expand on your ideas and keep your ideas with you on the go.

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