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Think Time Planner - 90 Day Undated

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Most entrepreneurs with ADHD have amazing dreams and goals but struggle to achieve them in our distracting world. At Think Time we’ve developed the FIRST CREATIVE PRODUCTIVITY process that harnesses the power of your creative mind to help you be productive so you can live on purpose and achieve your goals--even in a distracting world.


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The Undated 90 Day Purpose Planner includes:

  • access to online video tutorials
  • an invitation to our exclusive Facebook Group 
  • written instructions and coaching cues inside the planner
  • creative productivity exercises in the easy to use Dream-Decide-Do+Review Process
  • multiple time frames to help you bring your long term goals into your daily reality.
“Since starting a family business, Think Time Planner has been giving me tools to use my time better, without compromising my priorities of time with family.”  —Kelly


Don’t let distractions steal your dreams and goals from you any longer.  Learn how to harness the power of your creative mind to be productive so you can live on purpose and achieve your goals in a distracting world. 

Start taking action with your Think Time Planner so your dreams and goals happen!  

Made in the USA.  Deep in the Heart of Texas.  

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