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Think Time

Think Time Undated Yearly Planner + Accessories

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that helps people to clarify who they want to be and create an actionable plan to get there.

The Think Time Undated Yearly Planner + accessories includes insightful questions and thinking exercises to help you dream bigger, creative space to help you expand on the ideas, and guidance in filtering your best actions to get you there.
Our planners can be used alongside any other planner you already love because Think Time is the process by which you clarify what will go onto your schedule and into your life.
If you would like to apply the Think Time process to a TASK instead of a TIMEFRAME, use the "My Idea" ThinkPad in this set. 

Look Inside a Think Time Life Coaching Planner w/ Accessories from Think Time on Vimeo.

The Undated Yearly Planner + accessories includes


  • 1 Undated Yearly Life-Coaching Planner
    • 1 yearly
    • 4 quarterlies
    • 12 monthlies
    • 52 weeklies
    • extras, notes, and free space.  
  • My Idea Think Pad (for applying the Think Time process to any task, relationship, or event of your choice)
  • Daily Planner Think Pad (for focusing in on one specific day)
  • Free Space Think Pad (for notes, ideas, etc...)
  • Ponder Prompts (questions to prompt your thinking on the go)

You will also gain access to a short online training on how to use your planner and ongoing support in our Facebook group.

 What you can expect after your Order of your Undated Yearly Think Time Planner

#1  Usually ships within 1 business day.

#2  Open your box.

 #3  Go to think-time.com.  Click Get Started.  Enter your password to access online video training.


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