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Think Time

Think Time Undated Yearly Planner

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You have a dream and a goal you want to achieve, but finding the time to sit down and create a plan seems impossible.  It's frustrating to keep putting off what you know could make a huge difference in your life. 

We know your goals are important and it should be easy to create a plan and get results. 

That's why we created a easy to use Think-Time planner that helps you dream big and create a clear plan so you can get results. 

Stop wasting time dreaming about your idea and wondering when or if it will ever happen.  Transform those thoughts into actionable steps with the Think-Time Planner so you can stop dreaming and start taking action so your ideas and goals happen!  


The Undated Yearly Planner includes

  • instructions
  • coaching tips 
  • evidence-based exercises to help you achieve your dreams and goals
    • 1 yearly 
    • 4 quarterlies  
    • 12 monthlies
    • 52 weeklies
    • 4 routine worksheets
    • 2 habit trackers
    • lined notes pages
    • unlined free space pages
    • and more

This floppy fun book is made in the USA and perfect bound with a water-resistant, tear-resistant suede-like cover.  Pages are thicker so you can get creative without bleed.  The size is 6" x 9" so you can keep it with you on the go.

Want more details?  

Watch Christine on Facebook walking you through the inside of a Think Time Purpose Planner: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=715976845884161

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