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Think Time

2024 Dated Digital Download Planner

2024 Dated Digital Download Planner

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You've bought a million planners, but none of them work for your creative, distractible mind. It's frustrating to try so many planners and never find one that works for you. Have no fear! Think Time is here!

Think Time is the first whole-brain planner designed with your ADHD brain in mind. 

Think Time is more than a  planner.

 It's not just mindset. It's not just strategy. But it's also step by step.


"This is the first planner I have ever completed."-- Bekah

"For me, Think Time is a game changer." - Andy, TBI, ADHD, PTSD


Stop using traditional planners that don't work for you.

Use Think Time Planner designed with your creative ADHD brain in mind. 

*Every brain is different. Results will vary.  


How Does it Work?

  1. Buy Your 2024 Think Time Planner.
  2. Download the Planner and follow the instructions.
  3. Dream-plan regularly with your Think Time. Use the guided tutorials for extra support.

+When you are ready to take your results to the next level, join our coaching membership. (Opens twice a year.)


Mindfully made in the USA.  

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